I have found a public News API, news collector which was very useful to create a prototype frontend for news portal and play a little bit more with Vuetify framework.

Unfortunately I could not find any stable hosting for my small multifile projects, codesandbox.io did not meet my expectations, so here and in the following posts I will put only Git repositories of the projects.

GitHub repository is available on https://github.com/arthurrubens/NewsApiFrontEnd

What I have learned during the development:

  • Font Awesome is not supported by vuetify, you can install it but they are not centerd in icon-buttons and are not shown in speed-dial component. The last problem may be fixed by adding ‘fab’ class to v-icon element. ‘<v-icon>fab fa-twitter</v-icon>’
  • Some aspects of framework could be documented better i.e. layouting..
  • Application layoutting is too high level, app attribute in drawer and top toolbar.