Glyph visual effects

To attract attention of the users on some events we can change the glyph visual properties e.g. color or background color. We can also animate the icon, I wouldn’t use the animations, but, you know, there’s no accounting for taste… In the following example I will show to you how to do it at the base of button glyph icon. The visual effects can be implemented in form of override, extension of the class or using ‘Mixins’. All these effects can be overlapped i.e. the button’s icon can beat and rotate at the same time.

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ExtJS Grid stripes “bug”.

 I have spend about an hour to fix the stripes “bug”. When you are using the Classic, Grey, Neptune and Triton themes you will see the grid rows in different colors depend on the odd or even row index. Ok, it was not a bug. The problem was in one of my displays, it just did not show the grey shade. On another monitors you I had to change the angel of view to see the stripes.

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