ExtJs Internationalization with iJS (JavaScript implementation of the GNU Gettext API)

iJs is one of the many implementations of the GNU Gettext. Here I will show how to integrate it to simple ExtJs application. You can use another implementation of the i18n, the only suggestion I can give you is to use the same service for backend and frontend to avoid problems in the future (DRY).

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Inserting special symbols

In some cases users have to insert special characters, for example polish alphabet contains some extra letters or umlauts of german alphabet or symbols like a celsius sign “°C”. I have developed this functionality in form of plugin. It inserts a trigger to field which popups the panel with special symbols. The plugin is implmented in two files, the plugin and popup window.

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Hot Keys in ExtJs Application

To provide quick access to particular functions of applications we can implement so called hot keys. ExtJs provides different mechanisms to achieve this functionality, here I will show you how to use‘Ext.util.KeyMap’ class for these purposes. KeyMap will be initialized in the ViewController but for huge applications you can put it in a separate class. Another question is which element will be attached to the KeyMap: Grid or Toolbar, this decision I will leave up to you.

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