I have found a public News API, news collector which was very useful to create a prototype frontend for news portal and play a little bit more with Vuetify framework.

Unfortunately I could not find any stable hosting for my small multifile projects, codesandbox.io did not meet my expectations, so here and in the following posts I will put only Git repositories of the projects.

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It is my first post regarding Vue.js but I am planning to investigate and write more about nowadays frontend technologies.

Lightweight tree with filtering and selection is implemented by using Vue.js framework. It was hard to add new features and keep it light. I have already begun to add remove and rename nodes functionality but successfully stopped.

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Integrating React and Symfony 4.2.4.

This post will be useful for people who already know what React and Symfony are. The purpose of the HowTo is only to remind how to integrate React Javascript library with Symfony framework to write Ajax applications.

Our sample application will show planets catalogue. The data will be transferred via Ajax request from Symfony controller. Nothing special.


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