DataView Menu

DataView Menu is designed to show menu elements focused in icons in form of button. The items property can be object with ‘defaults’ and ‘items’ configs or just array of items, similar to other ExtJS component items property. Here implemented only one new ‘iconItemClick’ event. I hope the code of ‘app.view.toolbar.cmp.application.Button’ is enough simple and you will be able to redesign it to your according to your needs.

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Automatic tool-tip for grid cell text overflow

Automatic tool-tips for grid cell text overflow feature is developed in form of plugin. It is listening the ‘afterlayout’ event of the grid and set the tool-tip for cell if no tool-tip exists. If you want to disable overflow tool-tip for particular columns, set the ‘showOverFlowTooltip’ to false. If you will need to change this logic check the ‘GridOverflowTooltipPlugin:isOverFlowTooltipDisabled(column, record, store, view)’ method implementation. The plugin implemented for the latest ExtJS 6.5.3 version.

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Stabling the application and monitoring JavaScript errors on client side.

Program testing can be used very effectively to show the presence of bugs but never to show their absence.” – E.W. Dijkstra, On the reliability of programs.

There are always some bugs which are failed to be detected by developers and QA. In this post I will try to show how to catch them on the client side.

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Grid cell tooltips

Sometimes the content of cell is too long to show it inside, in this case we can show the content in the tooltip. Tooltips also used to show some meta information of the element. In the following example the full book description and subtitle are shown in tooltip. The ISBN of the book and book site URL are presented as link. The ISBN URL is generated in model via the calculated field.


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