There are two toolkits in ExtJS: classic and modern. Classic toolkit is the old ExtJS5’s layer. It is used to create desktop applications. Modern toolkit is used for touch devices. Here I will show you how to generate desktop application using only classic toolkit.

To generate the sencha application you will need to download and install the Sencha Ext JS Framework Package and Sencha Cmd.

mkdir ./Projects
cd ./Projects
mkdir ./Distributived
mv ./Distributives
cd ./Distributives
mkdir ../SimpleForm
cd ../SimpleForm

Now we are ready to create our first ExtJS application using only classic toolkit.

sencha -sdk ../Distributives/ext-6.2.0 generate app -classic SampleForm ./


To see the generated application run the sencha web sever

sencha app watch


as you can see from the output it will be available on ‘http://localhost:1841’.